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What is WoodDot Designs? It is my platform for exploring and sharing creative ideas and efforts. My creative energies find expression in small woodworking projects such as napkin rings, tea-light holders, coasters and other decorative and functional items. However, recently I began hanging around with a talented woodworker and learning new skills by helping with small peices of furniture, so I am hopeful of expanding my efforts.

Why the WoodDot? Well, the Dot evolved as a distinctive design element for my small wooden items. While the Dot is not unique to my work – others use dots as decorative accents – it does represent a focal point for me, visually as well as mentally.

For me, that little Dot symbolizes the concepts of

  • What If?
  • What Else?
  • Why Not?

This is the mantra of the book, Fanning the Creative Spirit, by Maria Girsch, Phn.D & Charlie Girsch, Phn.D, which aims to simplify creativity. The book helped me understand that we are all, despite our own doubts, creative.

WoodDot Designs, the blog, will explore and share creative ideas, my woodworking adventures (and misadventures) and the occasional social commentary.

One thought on “Welcome To WoodDot Designs”

  1. Well, you have been busy. so glad to see you having such a good time with it also. I think back on the time you came by before retirement and you were wondering where life was going to take you. I think it has taken you where you want to be.

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