Evolution of an Idea… or…

How What If?, What Else? and Why Not? works…

The WoodDot Design coasters sort of float around loose – and I don’t particularly like that. I mean, four (or more) coasters are nice enough in themselves but the presentation – the complete package – has been lacking. Oh, there is the X-Box (certainly no danger of mistaking the WoodDot Designs version for that better known one…) that is a bit too fiddly and delicate to produce.



And there was last year’s box Box (1/4″ walnut sides with a 3/8″ bottom) – that I don’t have a photo of – which worked well enough but it, too, is a bit fiddly to cobble together. (My woodworking mentor has just released an improved version of last year’s Box.)

Saturday I was showing Jan the jig I built for making miter cuts (for miter joints – primarily for picture frames) on the table saw when she asked what if I made a small frame to hold the coasters… What If?



Then, using a cut-off piece of the framing stock, I wondered if it could work to hold WoodDot Design napkin rings… What Else?… Why Not?… Well, that didn’t work so well but it lead to another refinement – which works (in my humble opinion) quite well. So instead of having coasters and napkin rings adrift in drawers or loose on countertops, they can be kept neat and tidy and put on display! Photos in a bit – I got ahead of myself and put on the first coat of polyurethane before taking a photo…

So, just like that, in just a couple of days, What If?, What Else?, Why Not? resulted in improved packaging and a more complete presentation for the WoodDot Design Coasters and for the Napkin Rings!

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