Random Thoughts…

…on a Friday afternoon:

What happened to the last 12 days? I dunno but it doesn’t seem like 12 days since my last post here…

Waiting for Tom’s KickStarter campaign to reach its goal is a daily vigil. Sometimes I think, “What the heck, bump your donation and put it over the top!”, immediately followed by, “Wait until the last day of the campaign…”, followed by the thought, “How many of us are sitting around waiting for someone else to put it over the goal?” As of this afternoon, $5,399 has been raised toward the goal of $5,500. So close…

Etsy news: First sale shipped today!

So, waiting for that first sale seemed to take forever but the calendar says it was less than three weeks… Impatience in the modern world. Better Etsy news: my first customer has asked about a custom order… Great and it could lead to more sales, too!

The calendar says spring will be here in 35 days. Oh, it’ll be spring in 35 days but I think we’ll still have snow on the ground and coldish weather to deal with but, warmer weather will mean I can finish outfitting the shop and have more time to create WoodDot Designs!

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