Spring is here! Sure, the calendar told us spring arrived on March 21st… but winter weather – and the snow – hung around until early this week. Of course, the weekend weather forecast calls for “…up to 1″ of snow” Sunday evening…

BUT, this week has been warmish enough for the pile of ice and snow in front of the barn doors to melt enough for me to open those doors and get into the barn! Hey, I know for some folks that isn’t newsworthy but for me it means spring is here! It is an exciting time of the year.

I’ve been in the shop learning new techniques – like how to use a lathe. This is very new to me and the learning curve is a bit intimidating: let’s take a sharp tool and hold it against a piece of wood that is turning at a pretty good speed… what could possibly go wrong with that? Well, I’ve got a good teacher and, with some patience and practice I might learn how to use a lathe without hurting myself. Anyway, the lathe opens up more possibilities for me.

It is an exciting time of the year! The countryside is coming alive. I’m learning new techniques. I have a shop space to build out and outfit. There are new tools to acquire. There are new ideas to work on. And… life is to be enjoyed!

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