New Directions

My woodworking is going in new directions.

One direction is toward larger items like Craftsman style furniture. This table, for example, came out of the shop this week.


This project (and my brother-in-law) taught me many new skills: squaring up lumber to improve accuracy; mortise & tenon joints; sanding techniques; gluing/clamping techniques; and, perhaps most importantly, patience.

Another direction is wood turning – using a lathe to create bowls and spindle items. I was gifted a small lathe last year and I have finally decided to learn to use it. I have to admit a great deal of frustration (mostly with myself) as I climb the learning curve.

Of course, I am continuing with my boat building and with the small, useful items I’ve been making. I suspect the new skills I am learning will improve and enhance all of my woodworking.

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