New (Old) Material

We spent much of today doing yard work – mostly just winter clean-up. The sun was out, the wind was down and it almost felt warm. It was good to be outside. I took the new chain saw for a test drive through the tree we lost in December – fun stuff! Now the wood needs to be split and then transported to Little House or Maple Island for drying and, eventual, burning (we don’t have a fireplace or a wood burning stove here). Much of the winter debris – sticks and small branches went to the burn pile in the yard. Creating a fire-pit was added to the list…

While checking different parts of the yard, I “found” (in much the same way Columbus “discovered” America) two old and very weathered doors on one of the outbuildings. Now, this outbuilding is in a serious state of disrepair…


The doors in question are well past the point of no return as doors. But, the wood in them looks promising for repurposing as WoodDot Designs projects. And old barn wood has great potential for “artistic enhancement” (that’s one I learned while visiting the Chihuly museum in Seattle) into decorative and functional items…


And then, really old barn wood just looks cool – without enhancement of any kind.


Later in the day, while looking for something (didn’t find it and now can’t remember what it was) in the barn, we came across a treasure trove of old wood. Big pieces, little pieces, oak, pine, maple and who knows what else, molded trim pieces, dimensional lumber and old barn timbers… I’m excited about the possibilities with all this new (old) material!

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