Winter Woes…

We live in Michigan. Michigan winters are cold. I get that. So far, I have avoided openly complaining about how cold it is because, well, this is Michigan. However, the last ten days have been COLD. And WINDY. With SNOW. So, yes, consider this my complaint about this winter. I don’t have the historical data to back this up, but, “This has been a cold winter, maybe one of the coldest ever.” And it doesn’t matter if I can support that statement with data because in the here-and-now of this winter, I really don’t care if there was a colder winter sometime in the past – any past. We’re cold NOW!

We heard what sounded like a snow plow go by early this morning but, judging by the condition of the road, I am pretty sure it was a Zamboni.

The landscape has been blown, swept, scoured and now sculpted by the winds. The drifts are interesting to watch and pretty, but digging out a drift in front of the garage so we could get the car out was not so much fun. The sun is shining, at least for now, lifting our spirits and helping us ignore the new drift building up in the driveway.

While the cold weather has made it pretty much impossible to get anything done in the shop, I have been working a few new ideas in the warmth of the kitchen. Of course, seeing new projects in my mind’s eye or drawing them out on paper isn’t has much fun as actually building them. I’ll just have to be content with the “passive creativity” of dreaming up new ideas until I can “actively create” them in the shop. Oh, and by the way, the WoodDot Design shop on Etsy? It opened this week! It is still a work in progress, for sure, but it is fun putting my things out there for the world to see. WoodDot Designs on Etsy

Fifty (50) days until the calendar says it is Spring!

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