Not Quite a Prototype

Here’s the result of my trying a couple of things in the shop: A Shooter Sampler Tray:


It isn’t really a prototype as there are too many flaws which cannot be corrected. The good news is, I learned from those flaws. The next one will be a prototype…

I used the router table (with the old top) to cut a rabbet or reveal around the bottom of the block. What this does produces a shadow and makes the block appear to “float.”

The top corners were chamfered to created the angled edges.

The wells for the shooter glasses were carefully drilled about as deep as possible without drilling through the bottom. The deeper holes hold the glasses better.

This practice piece is made of red oak and measures ¾” x 3¼” x 10″. Since this is just a practice piece, I didn’t apply any finish to it.

The prototype should be done by Friday…

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