Evolution of the WoodDot

The WoodDot has evolved over time…

My original Tear-Drop napkin ring came into being one afternoon in the summer of 2011while epoxy was setting up on my boat-building project. The tear-drop resulted from experimenting with using white cedar. Stars, triangles, circles and squares didn’t really work well, particularly with the tools I had available at the time. The plain tear-drop did work and it was different – and quirky – enough for me, so I made a couple of them and used them at home and during my Epic West Coast Road Trip that fall.

Next came the contrasting stripe – which allowed different looks using different combinations of wood.

Later, after using dowels to reinforce the mitered corners of small picture frames, I realized that the contrasting dot was a pleasant design element and I incorporated the WoodDot into the tear-drop napkin ring.

Recently, I have taken on the WoodDot as my signature design element. It can be quite prominent – with sharply contrasting woods.

Or, it can be very subtle – as in these coasters.

Really, there is a WoodDot in those coasters!

Okay, so the WoodDot didn’t truly “evolve” from the stripe… but I like it.

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